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歌名: 《What's Up》 歌词: Whats up Stand up and say whats up Whats up [x5] WOAH! People over there what's up Feel me, stand up and say whats up Whats up [x8] You can get with this. Or you can get with that You better get with this Cuz' this is where its at What's up [x8] I be skippin' and jumpin' ! Leavin' the competition ! Makin' em' disappear like your Favourite magician Unwrap that (motherfucker) Till' the wheels fall off And I bounce 'em back to back Till they necks get soft Most of the time you see me, being simple These are the type of people To get popped like a pimple! Statin' my claim to fame To be one of the badest (young niggas) To set foot in this game And I haven't even started yet But you can better believe I'm 'a take it off a show shot, dead What's up [x8] Say: "WOAH!" People over there whats up! If you feel me stand up and say whats up What's up [x8] You can get with this, Or you can get with that! You better get with this Cuz' this is where its at! What's up [x8] WOAH! Steady sticking and moving Like there's no time left I did it before the fall Like I lost my breath Baby that's what happens When you snooze you lose Grip your fate when you breaking the rules They tellin me Jack was nimble They said he was quick But I bet that (nigga) Can't do the (shit) that I did Rippin' and runnin' the tracks, Can't believe your eyes The most gifted, talented surprise! It ain't even time to give up! I gotta be on my game haul out。

经典的话就门德尔松的结婚进行曲 要欢快一点的可以选择 SECRET的星光月光 或者Bruno Mars的MARRY U 网上有专门的婚礼音乐特辑 可以去看看。

anglababy出场音乐有两首 歌名【abracadabra】 歌手:brown eyed girls ———————————— 歌名【baby】 歌手:贾斯汀比伯 ———————————— 百度歌手歌名可搜 无误还望采纳~。

1,SMAP - “亲爱的WOMAN”(开放天天乐)点击看详细2,堀江由衣 - “樱花”(日本名“樱井见る命运”)(每天前传中等学校的主题曲),点击看详细3,久石让 - “夏”(A冒血李仪论文的背景音乐),点击看详细4,“美丽的日子” - 岚(兰)(这是前奏提出期)点击看详细5,美 - “火”,点击看详细6,罗文 - “钻石” 7,各种 - “战没有荣誉或人文主义”。

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